Monday, August 25, 2008

Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 Approaches

Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 approaches. Let's see what people are saying out there:

[quotes may be taken out of context ;-]

Twitter: PCPGH3 mtg tonight, right?

Ms. Papuga, thanking Podcampers who're real sports: Yinz Team is all Heart

Podcamp Pittsburgh: Registration is now open for the most fun- and information-filled event of the year: PodCamp Pittsburgh 3.

My Brilliant Mistakes blog: TheJim, Doug, and even the elusive PittGirl of The Burgh Blog are posting about it.

ShowClix: Registration on ShowClix

Mr. Kownacki himself: Here in Pittsburgh, several dozen of us are working to bring PodCamp Pittsburgh 3 to life in October. While I love seeing so many passionate people dedicated to the same common goal, the downside is, sometimes we move too fast for our own good.


Who else is talking about it?

Find out: Google "podcamp pittsburgh 3" or "pcpgh3".


Pghbloggers Fest 15 just occurred - were you there?

Hey, folks, Pghbloggers Fest 15 just occurred at Finnegan's Wake, in Northside, Pgh. Were you there?

I wasn't. :-) But many of my buds were.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Pghbloggers Blogfest 13 tonight! is the 13th Blogfest at Finnegan's Wake, on Gen. Robinson, Northside, Pittsburgh this evening. Be! :-)


Friday, October 26, 2007

Podcamp Boston 2: ...and in the lightness bind them!

Podcamp Boston 2 erupts this weekend. Chris Brogan & Christopher Penn originated the Podcamp concept out of the Barcamp concept - and created a veritable firestorm that has swept the planet, bringing community and communication wherever it has touched. If you cannot be in Beantown this weekend to see the event, I'm sure you'll hear of the ripples as the web receives volumes of twitter-posts and video feeds.

Keep up the conversations!


P.S. The first primary offshoot from Minute Lit is the Minute Tech podcast.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 upcoming!

So, inevitably, with PodcampPittsburgh2 weeks away, I feel a podcast comin' on!

I've been somewhat focused on the fascination of "podfade"...and I've allowed time and the summer...and cause my own podfade with MinuteLit and MinuteLit Tech. Well, no more!

First some blogging/linking, though:

I check google news daily for Apple, and found this interesting story about the new Scion xB.

Podcamp Pittsburgh2 is coming soon to an Art Intstitute near you! (As long as you live in Western Pennsylvania! ;-)

I've been doing a one-up-style vid-cast called Logos, at This is a vid cast about Words...and the most recent Word was Vacation. We went south from Pittsburgh to the Shenandoah valley region of Virginia, visited a vineyard or two and spent some time reading, filming and surfing - water this time, not the net!

I've been lisening to lots of podcasts in the past week or so, after finishing JK Rowlings latest wrap-up masterpiece. MacBreak Weekly, This Week in Media, This Week in Tech, MacCast, CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks, Marketing over Coffee, The M-Show, VentureCast, VentureVoice...and much, much more! Whew. Those guys (and gals). Leo LaPorte, Alex Lindsey, Kenji Kato (sp?), Craig Syverson, David Hornick, John Dvorak, etc. All current tech news, all very good tech know-how. All this banter actually go me interested in Pixelcorps, whose online training/community I joined for the summer...and hopefully beyond. Digital tech is, well, enthralling. Thank you, Killashandra Ree! :-)

Saw on slashdot Friday this thought provoking article: New Theory Explains Periodic Mass Extinctions. Very interesting. For those of you who follow science theory/fact, this makes me speculate that those finding extra-solar planets will begin in earnest searching out those planets which perhaps don't have the same galaxy-style wobble that the Sol system has, in the hope of identifying a longer-live species environment. Do you agree? Disagree?

That's it for now. The next thing I was going to talk about was Options...for background on that, check out my videos!



Saturday, May 19, 2007

Minute Lit 3 - Variations

Minute Lit 3 - Variations, was recorded two weeks ago at the Beehive coffee house, in Southside, Pittsburgh. Dawn and I met for several hours to talk through the basic outline for the show, on top of which we spoke extemporaneously about many fun, and some funny, topics. See the show notes below for details and links referenced in the 'cast.

See the podcast online at the Minute Lit main page, hosted on Apple's iWeb: you can subscribe to all episodes of "Minute Lit" and "Minute Lit - Tech" here, viewable in your favorite podcatcher (iTunes, etc.).

Please note that the podcast is recorded in AAC format, an "enhanced" podcast, which includes viewable pictures for those of you viewing on your PC, Mac, Linux boxen or color iPods/nanos. If you use an iPod Shuffle or other screenless audio player, like I do, just listen. :-) Note: if you're not using iTunes, you may need Quicktime [win/mac]

Show Notes:
Minute Lit 3 - Variations [1 hr 5 min 8 sec] (enhanced podcast, AAC, with pictures)

In this edition of Minute Lit, we'll
- explore the meaning and idea of variations in the arts
- the idea that if nothing is new under the sun, then what we see must be variation;
- we'll talk about a word you may not be familiar with, Proskynesis, and
- we'll pose a question to you which we challenge you to answer.

Alex -
Kids play based on things they've seen, read or heard about.
Variation in Music
Bach's Goldberg Variations
For more on this, look up "goldberg variations".

Dawn -
Variations in Literature & Film
Quentin Tarentino
Sociologists take Hamlet to Africa
Queen Elizabeth left Buckhingham Palace to be amongst her people
Variations in film adaptations of Hamlet
Vampire lore & Buffy - after Alex mention's Elizabeth Kostova's "The Historian"
Drizzit - games/video games
Star Wars and Star Trek
Scotty's ashes are beamed up

Minute Lit Vocabulary word:
Alexander the Great & Proskynesis

Further Discussion
Minute Lit Tech - Podcast Review:
John Wall and The M Show
Bratz - Dawn shares Karin's views
No clowning around about Clowns

Lit Quiz:
Penelope and Odysseus - the answer to the question about how Odysseus successfully revealed himself to Penelope, his wife.

Minute Lit 3 Quiz Question
E-mail your answer in text or audio to minutelit[at]gmail[dot]com
(podcasts, vidcasts) & (classes, discussion) viewing and learning new media
Pittsburgh's G-Spod podcast - serving the Gay/Lesbian world community.


***Correction: While discussing the 4th wall, I attributed Puck's closing soliloquy of A Midsummer Night's Dream to Romeo and Juliet. Please note that Puck and the "If we shadows have offended" speech does, indeed, appear in A Midsummer Night's Dream. A thousand apologies. ~Dawn

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lucas says: PghBloggers in next Star Wars Films...

Whatta rumor! :-)

The headlines:

Pgh Bloggers tonight at Finnegans Wake! for Blogfest 10.

Lucas Announces two new films in the Star Wars milieu:

"And here's a little news: Lucas tells me he will make two more live-action films based in the "Star Wars" era.

"But they won't have members of the Skywalker family as characters," he said. "They will be other people of that milieu."

The two extra films will also be made for TV and probably be an hour long each. But, like "Clone Wars," Lucas doesn't know where on TV they will land."
By Roger Friedman of Fox News


Minute Lit episode 3 - "Variations" has been recorded and is now in post-production. :-)

More to come soon on this latest. Dawn and I met at the Southside Beehive last Sunday morning for a great recording session. If you heard the previous episode, there was lots of background noise, from the music and kids and coffee machines. In this episode, we have merely to contend with the HVAC blower, as we'd moved back to the third room at the Beehive. The beehive has very nice vittles in their deli case (I partook of the veggie pesto sandwich) and awesome coffee & tea to sip.

You know, it's amazing how difficult it is for two co-producers, highly involved in separate lives and lifesytles, at different ends of a metropolis, to get together for a quick, intense recording session...but the act of getting together is, I believe, far more rewarding and satisfying than trying to use technology, such as Skype or Talkshoe. Having said that, we may try Talkshoe at some point anyways, as many of our podcast contemporaries are successfully using the podcasting service.

See you at Finnegan's tonight!