Saturday, March 31, 2007

Minute Lit - Episode 2 - Literature (final)

(final audio edit)

Finally, we've finished editing the 2nd episode audio file. The "pre-release" file was to get it out the door...the final version adds in a re-worked intro, cleans out the unwanted ums, ahs and dead spaces, and minimizes the non-verbal audio pops and clicks.

Also, in the enhanced audio file you'll see several image changes during the podcast referencing the Minute Lit title, our blogspot site and our e-mail address, minutelit[at]gmail[dot]com.

Give us a listen. Send us your comments, good or bad, in either written or audio format, to minutelit[at]gmail[dot]com.

What do you read? What would you like to read? What do you compute with? What do you podcast with? :-)


Show Notes:

In searching google for references to books, I happened upon the Shakespeare Concordance.

Shakespeare's Sonnet No. 23 (XXIII) is read by Dawn.

Vocabulary word: Concatenate -- can be difficult to say and define...but not hard to use in a spreadsheet program.

Concatenation in programming languages.

We find our way into discussion about Law and Order.

B.H. Haggin's Music for the Man Who Enjoys 'Hamlet' - an excellent review of classical music and how to listen to it.

We initiate discussion of Literary Journals, which we'll talk more about in future episodes.

We reference our spiritual roots in PodCamp Pittsburgh. Is there a PodCamp near you?

And we talk briefly about pasta.

* * * *

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Minute Lit - Episode 2 - Literature

After the interim episode of Minute Lit Tech, we're back with a full episode of Minute Lit! The pre-release edition of the episode is already posted, and we're working on putting the final touches on it--but if you want to get an advanced listen, drop by and tune in!

In this next episode Alex and I discuss what the definition of "literature" actually is-- and it's not as cut and dry as you might think (Halo can be considered Literature? Who would have thought?). We discuss the applicable Sonnet 23 from Shakespeare, and even touch on Law & Order.

Our word for the episode is "Concatenate," and as you'll hear, it really can be that difficult to pronounce! We also touch on literary journals, and give the ever challenging Minute Lit Quiz (hopefully this time it's more difficult!).

We'll post another update when the formatting and editing is complete, but enjoy the sneak peek!

As always, any questions can be addressed to us at and we'd love to hear from you!


Shakespeare Concordance

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Minute Lit - Tech -- Episode 1 - Word Processing

Minute Lit - Tech

the netcast for researching and discussing the Tech & Tools
behind creation of 21st Century literature

Episode 1 - Word Processing

This episode is dedicated to teachers: we are taught by our parents, our significant others and our friends, as well as from strangers met but once. All have taught us much and have yet to teach us more...if we would but listen, watch and understand.

"In this inaugural edition of Minute Lit -Tech, we'll
- explore the idea of information transmission;
- review briefly a few other podcasts to review our podcasting roots, and
- discuss word processing and digital text editors.

Although we have only one episode of "Minute Lit" under our production belts, "Minute Lit - Tech" is a spin-off 'cast which just had to be done. We'll probably produce these two shows one by one.

Download copies of both "Minute Lit" & "Minute Lit - Tech" Here Note that Minute Lit-Tech has been produced in an aac enhanced audio file - use iTunes for best viewing of images.

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Episode 1 - Aesop

Minute Lit

the netcast for reading and discussing the
single and assembled words of literature.

Minute Lit has been produced for your listening pleasure by the good folks at Silurian-Devonian Tunes, with your host for this edition, Alex Landefeld. Co-designer and future co-host is Dawn Papuga, the voice behind LyriqueTragedy at Blogger, LibraryThing, LiveJournal and Myspace.

Check out -- its a very cool social site.

Music for this netcast has been assembled in Apple's GarageBand; the text read to you and discussed is from both and

This netcast is dedicated to:
- Mom: without your love and support, we wouldn't (literally) be here;
- Homer and fellow poets in the oral tradition: without your efforts in memorizing ballads, we might not have the wonderful literature that we have.

In this edition of Minute Lit, we'll:
- explore two Aesop's Fables, the cock and the pearl & the wolf and the lamb;
- we'll talk about a word you may not be familiar with, incunabulum, and,
- we'll read a snippet of text which we challenge you to identify. Be the first to e-mail us the correct answer, and we'll include your name in the next edition of Minute Lit.

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