Saturday, March 10, 2007

Minute Lit - Tech -- Episode 1 - Word Processing

Minute Lit - Tech

the netcast for researching and discussing the Tech & Tools
behind creation of 21st Century literature

Episode 1 - Word Processing

This episode is dedicated to teachers: we are taught by our parents, our significant others and our friends, as well as from strangers met but once. All have taught us much and have yet to teach us more...if we would but listen, watch and understand.

"In this inaugural edition of Minute Lit -Tech, we'll
- explore the idea of information transmission;
- review briefly a few other podcasts to review our podcasting roots, and
- discuss word processing and digital text editors.

Although we have only one episode of "Minute Lit" under our production belts, "Minute Lit - Tech" is a spin-off 'cast which just had to be done. We'll probably produce these two shows one by one.

Download copies of both "Minute Lit" & "Minute Lit - Tech" Here Note that Minute Lit-Tech has been produced in an aac enhanced audio file - use iTunes for best viewing of images.

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