Thursday, March 1, 2007

Episode 1 - Aesop

Minute Lit

the netcast for reading and discussing the
single and assembled words of literature.

Minute Lit has been produced for your listening pleasure by the good folks at Silurian-Devonian Tunes, with your host for this edition, Alex Landefeld. Co-designer and future co-host is Dawn Papuga, the voice behind LyriqueTragedy at Blogger, LibraryThing, LiveJournal and Myspace.

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Music for this netcast has been assembled in Apple's GarageBand; the text read to you and discussed is from both and

This netcast is dedicated to:
- Mom: without your love and support, we wouldn't (literally) be here;
- Homer and fellow poets in the oral tradition: without your efforts in memorizing ballads, we might not have the wonderful literature that we have.

In this edition of Minute Lit, we'll:
- explore two Aesop's Fables, the cock and the pearl & the wolf and the lamb;
- we'll talk about a word you may not be familiar with, incunabulum, and,
- we'll read a snippet of text which we challenge you to identify. Be the first to e-mail us the correct answer, and we'll include your name in the next edition of Minute Lit.

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